My Top Albums of 2013

In terms of music, 2013 was a year of many new discoveries for me.
As with the other things in this 2013 roundup (my top beauty products / nail polishes), these are not all new releases, but are albums that are new to me.

I'm an album person. I like to discover a new artist, listen to and appreciate their full body of work.
Here's the albums I loved this year!

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die
Before this year, I was sure I didn't like Lana's music at all, but out of nowhere I listened to the album and actually found that I liked it a lot. It's very hard to choose a favourite from it - I'd say they're all favourites except for National Anthem which I admit to skipping a lot. But that's the only one! If I could compare this album to a food item, it would be luxury white chocolate mousse topped with exotic fruits. 

Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg
This was the album I was listening to the night before my Art GCSE when I was cramming as much work in as possible. I got an A so I guess I owe it this mention! His unique voice layered over great guitar melodies works a treat, especially as his lyrics are so honest.

Cast of Lions - Eyes Wide To New Places
Cast of Lions are made up of members of various bands, namely The Midnight Beast, Hadouken and Limb. The result is a wonderful mix of sounds, my favourites being Masks, Jigsaws and Night Worries. I first heard of this band because I'm a big fan of The Midnight Beast, and Stef's vocals are just gorgeous. I think that anyone could like this album so why not give it a listen!

Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal
This year signalled a big turning point in my music taste, I opened up to more variety and I think it started with this album. I liked this so much I tried listening to their other albums but to be honest, wasn't really bothered with them. Sempiternal however is loud, angry but at other times softer and caters to my mood when I need those things and that's why I liked it so much at one point this year.

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2
This album was only released in November this year but it didn't take long for me to love it. It's packed with songs that show off Eminem's skills as a rapper and a comedian. Berzerk, Evil Twin, Brainless and Love Game are some of my favourites. 

AlunaGeorge - Body Music
Again this album is filled with tunes, this time of the electro music variety, guaranteed to be stuck in your head. Aluna provides the unusual but wonderful vocals while George gives the catchy electronics. If you like this sort of thing or are willing to try something new, I recommend We Are Chosen, Superstar, Your Drums Your Love and Friends To Lovers.

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack
I went to see Gatsby in the cinema with my sister when it came out and loved it (and not just because Leo is one of my favourite actors). The soundtrack that accompanies it is a fantastic mix of sounds - if you're a hip-hop/rap fan then you'll like Jay Z and Kanye's offerings, if you prefer reflective female vocals then opt for Florence or Lana's. And it's definitely worthwhile giving a listen to Emeli Sande's version of Crazy In Love and Beyonce's take on Back To Black. I love how there's such a variety in the album but each fits in with the feel that was tried to create in the film.

Pierce The Veil - Collide With The Sky
PTV fast became one of my favourite bands with all three of their albums being delightful to listen to. They play post-hardcore with a little influence from their Mexican origins, making the guitar riffs fantastic. A little screaming but not so much your ear drums break, and Vic has a beautiful singing voice too. 

The 1975 - The 1975
In my opinion, I've saved the best til last. The 1975 are my favourite band as of this year and I missed out on tickets for their concerts twice because they sold out so quickly! You've probably heard the fun, catchy beat of Chocolate on the radio and hummed along but they have a whole album full of other great songs. They take 80's pop and a little R'n'B amongst other things with Matty Healy's unmistakable accent and in a way that only they know how, completely make it recognisably 'The 1975 sound'. Pressure, Settle Down, Girls and Menswear are all great to listen to if you want some pointers.


So those were some of the albums I've been loving in 2013, hopefully 2014 will be even more rewarding!
I eagerly anticipate Nicki Minaj and Ed Sheeran's next albums and hope The 1975 bring out another one.

Do you like any of these albums?
What have been your favourites this year?