Collective Haul! | Boohoo, Accessorize, Fashion Union, Charity Shops

It's been a little over a month since I last blogged - blame a little holiday and a dose of glandular fever.
I have managed to do a small bit of retail therapy, even though I'm reigning in my purchases until after Christmas. (January sales I can't wait)

Anywhoo, I picked up a few different bits at different times and here's what I got!


After having browsed the boohoo website for what seems like forever, I finally made a purchase with a coaxing from a promo code for free delivery. (always softens the blow)

Nicole Short Sleeve Crop Top £4

I've been on the lookout for a black crop top for a good time now, I think this is going to be really versatile and handy for layering. I plan to wear mine under tops and with high waisted trousers/skirts as I'm not too keen on showing an awful lot of my midriff. A little bit on show is quite flattering though so I'm really pleased I got this. I've seen others in different shops for prices like a tenner and I think that really is too much for what you're actually getting.
This is made from a really nice, stretchy fabric, so if these ever go in the sale, I'll be sure to snap up some of the other colours they do!

Daphne Folk Print Kimono £15
Another thing I've really wanted for some time is a kimono. I think it'll be great for nights out when I don't want to carry round a jacket - I can stick this on for a bit of added warmth but stuff it in my bag when I want to take it off! Boohoo also do this in red, but I wanted something that would go with a lot of outfits and I'm really happy with this.
At £15, it's a little more than I'm used to spending on one item but I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this.
Having said that, it makes me want to get more kimonos - so easy to style and again, a really versatile piece!
I got it in size Small, and I'd say if you're anything from a UK size 6-10, Small would fit you fine.

Alisa Tartan Flower Print Skater Skirt £8
It'll come as no surprise to anyone I'm sure that tartan has been everywhere this Autumn. It's a bold trend but there are some subtle ways to rock it, including this lovely skirt. The second I saw it on the website I fell in love, it's tartan hidden underneath a bed of flowers. 
I'm quite awkward with skirt sizing, I have a really small waist which makes it hard to know which size to get in order for it to sit in the right place. I went for a UK size 6 and I'm glad I did - the waistband sits just on my waist and it's not too short a length either which is good.
I really recommend this if you're looking for a way to get the tartan trend into your wardrobe without been too out there - and £8 is a very reasonable price to do it at too!

look at that tartan-y floral loveliness!
Lottie Velvet Cross Strap Platform Heels £25
I have a pair of black ankle heels which have very thin stiletto heels, which I wore on a night out recently, and although I had no falling overs, I think I'd feel a bit more comfortable with a bit more of a wedge heel. Also, it's nice to have another black heel to switch between, so there began my lookout for a black wedge pair of heels.
I've always thought boohoo had a pretty range of shoes and while I was test-driving their clothing department, I thought I might as well try out their shoe section too. 
It has to be said, my shoe sizing is awkward too. I'm a UK size 3 or 4, it all depends on the shoe. I went for 4 with these and they're a bit big. Not drastically though, I can walk in them fine, I think 3 would've been a safer option though. I know for boohoo shoes in the future now though!
Size problems aside, they're a really nice shoe and I can't wait to wear them out!



As I mentioned above, I had a little holiday over Halloween and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out the charity shops in a different country!

New Look Purple Paisley Top £3.25
I saw this on the rail and knew it had to be mine. It's so interesting and I can just imagine that with a pair of jeans, simple necklace, leather jacket and pair of boots, that would be magic in an outfit.

'Snap' White Oversized Jumper £3.75
I've never heard of the brand 'Snap' but that didn't phase me - for just under £4, this is an amazing jumper. The knitwork is actually beautiful and this is such a great bargain. (yes I do appreciate good knitwork haha)
I'll definitely be kept warm with this!

ever heard of this brand before?

'Design Essentials' Checked Shirt £3.75
Another brand I've never heard of, but another item on my wishlist ticked off. This is actually UK Size 18 so on me, it's oversized and I LOVE it. It's made of a quite thick material so it's really cosy. This might just be part of a concert outfit if I'm lucky. (anyone else love The 1975? they've been playing non-stop for me and they're touring again soon)



Indigo Mottled High Rise Skinny Jeans £20 £11
These actually arrived in the post on the morning we left for our holiday so I wore them on the plane! These are without a doubt the comfiest trousers I've ever worn, and they fit so nicely too. I'd wanted a pair like these for some time so when I came across them on the website Fashion Union I was delighted. They were £20 but I simply googled 'fashion union promo codes' and got £9 worth of offers off! A little 20% off here and a 10% off there never hurt. Honestly, if you're ever buying online, check and see if there are any valid promo codes at the time and you could save a bundle!



Mini Studded Diagonal Zip Crossbody Bag £15 £12.50
For nights out, you need somewhere to carry your essentials - phone, ID, lipstick, and what have you. You want it to hold all you need, without being too big and bulky.
Despite being a lover of handbags, I didn't actually own a decent clutch bag until I was browsing the Accessorize shop in the airport. 
Do you ever get when something catches your eye in a shop, and then it almost glows like it's meant to be for you? Well that's what happened here. This little clutch is BEAUTIFUL and ideal for going out. The fold over/zip detail means your bits and pieces are secure, and you can attach or detach the strap depending on whether you want a clutch or crossbody bag. Plus, it's literally just the right size.
Could it get any better? Well actually, it did. Being in the airport, I got a discount for it being 'tax free' which meant this beauty was £15 down to £12.50. Wow.
Even at £15, that's a decent price and I think if you're looking for a bag for parties and otherwise at Christmas and beyond, look no further.


Have you found any bargains lately?
Which online shops are your favourites?

I've definitely ticked a fair few things off my wishlist with this collective haul, and I'll definitely be ordering from Boohoo and Fashion Union again in the future, but after my friends and families Christmas gifts are bought.
Speaking of which, WHO'S EXCITED?