I bought 3 bags | Back To September

black studded satchel - £19.99 New Look via ASOS
multicolour checkered backpack - £19.90 Amazon
pastel purple satchel - £28 ASOS

Hello hello! 
If you read my last post you'll know I'm doing a little series called Back To September - a guide to getting ready for the next year of school/uni/work.
Here's the result of a cheeky couple of online orders from ASOS and Amazon. 
It's no secret that I love bags - most of mine are thrifted but I saw these 3 online and knew they would be great for school as well as otherwise.

Multicolour Checkered Backpack 
(now out of stock:( )

I LOVE this bag! When I got it in the post I couldn't wait to open it. As soon as I did, it turned out to be even nicer than it looked online! It could go with so many different outfits as it has different coloured patches, and it'll be fab for school for a bright pop of colour when teamed with my school uniform. I've already got a bit of use out of it to run a few errands! It has double magnetised pop buttons so I don't worry about anything falling out or being stolen.

Unfortunately one of the little details on the strap came off when my younger brother 'had a look' at the bag. It's not a big deal and I'm hoping I can easily sew it back on.

Overall, it's a great bag. It has enough room to fit what I need without being too bulky. To be fair, the brown trimmings are quite plastic-y looking but it's not something I can't live with. Love it!

This bag is branded New Look but it's on the ASOS website and I must say, it's just what I've been looking for for a while now! Black and studs. It's not a big bag and definitely couldn't fit a ton of books in it, but my subjects next year won't need lots of books so I'm happy. It would also be great for a day bag, just to carry a few essentials for a shopping trip or dinner out maybe. You can adjust it to make the strap longer or shorter, but I'd say the longest setting isn't all that long - it's too short to put it across the body but fine on just one shoulder. I'd also have to say that the material is quite flimsy as it's only plastic but I don't mind too much as it's a lovely bag and once it's filled with stuff it won't be noticeable.

This bag! I'd been lusting over it for a while before buying and I'm so glad I got it because - you guessed it - I love it! It's so delicate and girly, I can't really fault it. The only thing I would say is that I expected it to be a bit more pink as that's how it looked in the photos on ASOS but when I received it, it turned out to be more purple. Even when I took these photos of it myself it doesn't show the true colour but I guess that's just how the bag pictures! Saying that, it's not a really problem at all - the bag is a good size, has a zip on the inside and is beautiful. Oh and the strap is very adjustable - a must for me.


So those are the bags I bought.
I love how they're all so different and can be used for all sorts of occasions - whether I'm feeling crazy, fierce or girly.
I don't know whether I recommend buying 3 bags at once, but at least I have choice and they'll get a lot of use. They weren't that expensive but I do consider them a treat, and I won't be buying any more bags for a while now! (fingers crossed)

What bag will you be using this year?