Superdrug Deep Cleansing Fruit Face Mask Review

Hello everyone!

I went to Superdrug about a week ago and picked up just two things, a face mask and a new MUA lipstick.

I will review the lippie in an upcoming post, but for now I will talk about the face mask I got.

I wear make-up at school and when I go out - so I like to give my face a rest from make-up for most of the Summer. I give myself a face mask every once in a while just to give my skin that little healthy boost, and I always do one at the start of every school year. I had to go to school today for an hour and a half just to have a special start-of-year assembly and get my timetable for the year. Of course, I wanted to look my best for going back to school.

So when I was in Superdrug about a week ago, I knew I had to get a face mask. But when I saw the choice I had, I was faced with a question . . . . which one?!

There are so many to choose from! In the past, I have mostly used Montagne Jeunesse masks. However, I think Superdrug own brand are really challenging them. M.J. face masks used to be 99p, but they're sneakily adding on a few pence to the price. This isn't a serious problem to me, but Superdrug face masks are keeping their prices at just 99p so I decided to skip the Montagne Jeunesse ones.

Even then, there was so much choice. Superdrug are real contenders when it comes to face masks, they have a face mask for pretty much every problem you can think of and any ingredient too! I could've snapped them all up if I didn't have a limited purse balance hehe ;)

Onto the face mask I purchased - the Deep Cleansing Fruit Mask.

Superdrug Deep Cleansing Fruit Mask
For a youthful-looking, radiant complexion

It says it contains peach kernel oil, it cleanses, and is suitable for all skin types. It claims to "hydrate, smooth and protect". It also states that it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and Superdrug is again animal testing (always a bonus!).

On the back of the packet, it states that it contains "a delightful concoction of raspberry, blueberry and cranberry fruit extracts combined with peach kernel oil and has a delicate peach aroma".

Instructions for use:

1) Gently massage into cleansed, dry face.
2) Leave for 10-15 minutes.
3) Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

My experience:

Last night, I took a shower and followed the instructions. The mask is very smooth, and has a nice peachy colour and smell without being overpowering. It applied easily and there was just enough to cover my whole face evenly. I left the mask on for the full 15 minutes, to find that, unlike Montage Jeunesse masks, it hadn't really dried everywhere. It only dried around my chin and forehead, but everywhere else on my face was as if I had just applied the mask. However, I then took 5 cotton pads soaked in warm water and removed the mask. I patted my face dry, and I was quite impressed with the results, but I wasn't blown away. It made my face really soft to the touch and it looked smooth too. What disappointed me, was that even after I had fully removed the mask, I felt a slight residue left on my face that when I moved my face it felt a little tight, almost as though I still had the mask on! Nevertheless, I went to bed and woke up still having a nicely smooth and cleansed face. I found that when I put my make-up on it looked more flawless because I had used the mask.

Overall, I mostly liked this mask, but I didn't like the tiny amount of residue left. As far as its claims go, it definitely hydrates and smoothes, but due to the slight stickiness, it was let down a little on the cleansing front. It does say it gives a youthful and radiant complexion, which I would completely agree with. For the 99p price tag, it's a bargain!

Would I repurchase? I would repurchase, but the next time I will get a different type of mask from the same Superdrug brand.


I hope this review helped!

M :)