Miss Sporty Nail Polish review! (Popcorn and Grape Fit)

Hello everyone! 

Today I've got a little review for you on two of my newest nail polishes. They are . . . . .

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Quick Dry in Popcorn and Grape Fit.
There once was a time when I would happily walk past the Miss Sporty shelves in Superdrug, but not any more now I've got these!

Grape Fit
This is a really lovely lilac/mauve colour. Fast becoming a new favourite of mine!

Grape Fit pictured with Britney Spears Fantasy

This is your typical bright yellow colour. It's well named as Popcorn because it really pops!

Popcorn pictured with Beyoncé Heat

Colour pay off - It takes 2 thin coats to achieve a solid colour, 3 coats if you want a reall pop. You get a nice impressive shine to the colour too.

Brush - My hands and nails are tiny, so some nail polish brushes prove to be too wide, but this one isn't! It isn't a cheapy thin brush either at all, it's just wide enough that I can do my pinky finger in one swipe and thumb nail in about two.

Formulation - Honestly, one of the best I've found for the price. It's just the right thickness that you can get a really good colour. It can go a little gloopy if you apply the polish on too thickly, but we all know that two thin coats are better than one thick one, don't we?

Drying Time - These claim to be 'quick drying' and I have to agree that they do dry fairly quickly, but not quickly enough for me to rave about it. Of course I have smudged a nail and had to repaint it because I thought it should've been dry but it wasn't. (Haven't we all at some point done that? haha)

Bottle - It's not too big, not too small. The bottle is clear and rounded, something I like most about this polish. It doesn't mean anything much to me, but for anyone that cares, it contains 7ml of product. I checked some of my other polishes to compare this with; Rimmel London polishes contain 8ml, 17 polishes contain 8ml and Barry M polishes contain 10ml. This really doesn't make me think any less of Miss Sporty polishes because really, it means less waste as who uses every last drop of their nail polishes anyway?

Price - £1.99 each. I got these two on offer at Superdrug, 2 for £2.99. Ultimate bargain!

Lasting power - These polishes last a really long time! If you saw my smiley face nail tutorial using Popcorn, that nail look lasted me 10 whole days if my memory serves me correctly. That look did however use a topcoat, and they were very pretty to look at so I did resist chipping them off myself. When worn alone, these polishes have lasted me up to about 7 days.


Overall these are fantastic, very good value for money nail polishes! They have lots of other colours available  which I hope to be adding to my collection. I thoroughly recommend these if you love painting your nails but don't love the high prices!


Have you bought any products from Miss Sporty before?
Will you be buying anything from Miss Sporty soon?
What's your favourite polish colour/brand?

M :)